As we have already indicated for WordPress, it is basically easy to migrate our site made with Joomla from one hosting provider to another. However it is necessary to carefully follow some procedures in their correct execution schedule and pay attention to some advice.

We know that there is more than one method to migrate Joomla, one of them is by using one of the applications created for this purpose, however in this tutorial, we will talk about the manual method.

Obviously the domain name must necessarily be the same and this preferably also applies to the MySQL version.

Two important tips to remember

  • The old site is deleted only when you are sure that all data has been transferred to the new one and that everything is working correctly
  • A copy of all the data present in the old hosting must be kept in a secure medium (the PC or an external USB drive)

Let’s migrate Joomla

1 In the new hosting, regardless of the management panel (cPanel or Plesk) via Softaculous, or the applications available from Plesk, we install Joomla. In this way, by carrying out the correct procedure we will have all the management and backup functions of softaculous and / or plesk dedicated to Joomla available.

2 From the old hosting, using its management panel (cPanel or Plesk) or via FTP, we download all the contents of the main folder of the site, or (if you have configured Joomla in the old hosting), the entire contents of the folder used from Joomla. We will temporarily place these data in a folder dedicated to the purpose on the PC and immediately afterwards, if possible, we will make a duplicate in an external USB disk (backup).

3 The time has come to export the data from the old site database. We will do this using PHPMyAdmin which we find availability with both cPanel and Plesk. We insert the exported file in our dedicated folder that we created a little while ago on our PC, it will then be used to upload this data to the new database that we have already created in the new hosting / site when we installed Joomla, if possible, we will make a duplicated to an external USB disk (backup).

4 At this point we begin to UPLOAD the contents of the Joomla folder that we saved on the PC on the new hosting, using (as we previously did for the download) the management panel or via FTP. Then we copy and paste all the Joomla files and folders in the main folder of the new hosting / site or in the folder dedicated to Joomla (based on the installation configuration we have previously chosen), overwriting the original files we installed with the files that we are transferring from the PC. Once this operation is finished, let’s move on to the database.

5 Let’s import the database. Also in this case we will use PHPMyAdmin which we will find availability from our Plesk or cPanel management panel

6 We configure the Joomla site to work on the new hosting / server. To do this, open the configuration.php file in the Joomla root folder (using the File management page from cPanel or Plesk).

Edit the following strings:

public $host = ‘localhost’;
public $user = ‘***‘;
public $password = ‘***
public $db = ‘***’;

The first line must necessarily be configured as above, the next three lines (in the position indicated with asterisks) you will have to enter respectively the username (who has access to the database), the database password and the database name.

Now, still from the configuration.php file look for this line:

public $log_path = ‘/var/www/vhosts/’; public $tmp_path = ‘/var/www/vhosts/’;

The highlighted part, you will have to modify it as follows:

Plesk : /var/www/vhosts/domainname.tld/httpdocs/

cPanel : /home/domainname.tld/public_html/logs

Then save the file and your Joomla site should be running from your new hosting account.