What is it about

DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Email.

Its purpose is to prevent spoofing and spam.

This digitally signed authentication method was created to prove the legitimacy of an email sender and the server from which this email is sent. After the message is sent, the destination mail server extracts the digital signature and applies local rules based on the results of the signature test.

How does it work

Email spoofing consists of modifying the contents of the message to make it appear that it came from a different sender or origin than the actual one. Spoofing is a common form of unauthorized use of email, so some email servers require the DKIM standard to prevent it

DKIM adds an encrypted signature to the header of all outgoing messages. Email servers that receive signed messages use DKIM to decrypt the message header and to verify that it has not changed since sending.

DKIM uses a private and public key pair to verify messages.

A private domain key adds an encrypted signature to all outgoing messages sent from your domain.

A matching public key is added to your domain’s Domain Name System (DNS) record. Email servers receiving messages from your domain use the public key to decrypt the message signature and verify the origins of the signed messages.

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