Is your hosting management panel up to date?

In this tutorial we talk about the importance of updates, to the latest released release, relating to the best known hosting management panels.

Of course, having the panel updated to the latest release is valid for any brand, however, in this tutorial we will talk about PLESK and WHM / cPanel. So let’s see together what are the reasons why having the updated management panel is important.

Improvement and evolution

When a software house issues a new release of its product it does it to fix some errors / bugs or it does it simply to improve and evolve its product. This notoriously leads to an improvement on the user side in many aspects. A software, a product that is not implemented and improved over time becomes obsolete and no longer reflects the needs of users who, over time, become more demanding and ask that their product can evolve in step with current technology and knowledge.

There are also many reasons why a product / software is not implemented and / or updated, among the best known are the costs, the company policy, the possibilities and feasibility of a technical and / or commercial nature and the interest in the Customer.

The PLESK and cPanel management panels, why update them

Is the management panel of your hosting, Plesk or cPanel important to keep it updated? Yes of course.

It is important because in the vast majority of cases, the safety and functionality part is also implemented with each new release, but not only. On average, each release improves:

  • The security
  • The existing functions by improving them, modifying them, implementing them
  • The new functions, adding to the already existing ones
  • Versions, such as the release of a new PHP version
  • Policies, implement new ones or improve / eliminate old ones
  • Its usability, important
  • Its integration with other developer utilities

To date, the latest releases are:

Plesk 18.0.33

cPanel 94.0.2

Both panels have released the ability to configure the PHP 8 version

And you, what release are you working with?