The Privacy Guarantor has established the illegality of the transfer of data by Google Analytics outside the European Union. The motivation, in short, is that the regulations outside the European Union do not give the guarantees required by the GDPR. So what are the alternatives?

Google Analytics 4 seems to dislike the privacy guarantor. The US regulatory framework, in fact, requires Google (but also Meta and Microsoft) to send data to the requesting authorities even if collected outside the US. In other words, even if the data controller of GA4 is a European company, with servers in Europe, the US parent should still provide the data to the CIA and NSA. The risk, of course, is a financial penalty for violating the GDPR.

But before evaluating the alternatives, it is good to clarify the function of Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service that Google makes available to users to MONITOR THEIR WEBSITE. Analytics is a real dashboard that shows the statistics and data relating to user accesses on your website and domain.

What are the data of primary importance that Google Analytics collects and then processes making them available to the domain / website manager? (obligatorily also to CIA and NSA)

  • The IP address that visited your website
  • The date and time of the visit
  • How long he has been browsing your website
  • Which pages have been visited
  • Its geographical position
  • The characteristics of its operating system
  • Which browser did you use
  • Origin of the connection
  • What word or phrase he used in the search to land on your site

In this way, the processed data communicates to the website operator:

  • How many visits has it received today in real time
  • How many visits have you received this month and the previous months
  • What are the days of the week with more or less traffic in real time
  • What are the times with greater or lesser traffic
  • What are the geographical areas of origin with greater or lesser traffic
  • The ratio of number of visits / time spent
  • Which are the pages of greater or lesser interest
  • Which are the sites of origin

Here, let’s remember this data, this information when we are going to compare what can be the alternatives to Google Analytics because it is very important.

The commercial alternatives to Google Analytics


Here, in this case we believe there are at least two alternatives that most likely already exist, as part of your hosting plan. You have probably never noticed, this is because Google Analytics has always been thought of as the sole provider of statistics, however, if you have a hosting plan managed by a PLESK or cPanel panel, complete and updated with all their functions, you will notice that you already have two real-time and very reliable statistics managers.

Why are they reliable? very simple, they are server side. While Google Analytics acquires the traffic data of your site through the DNS record configured by you which transfers them to your Google account which then processes them (when they are not lost), these two applications, being Server side, acquire them directly without having to transfer them, processing is in real time.

They measure and record substantially all the incoming traffic of your domain and your website, including ftp statistics which of course Google Analytics cannot monitor. And guess what? both collect and process the same data that are mentioned above.

The advantages ?

  • The data collected and processed is on a server located in the European community (if you have been wise enough to purchase a plan from a European provider)
  • The data is managed within your hosting plan, you are the data manager, protected by your GDPR and are not transferred anywhere, they are saved in your disk space and no one has access to them except the administrator
  • You don’t have to configure anything, you don’t have to subscribe, you don’t have to modify or add any DNS records
  • There are no additional costs because they are functions already present in your hosting plan

But what are they? let’s see them together


AWStats the more complete and used of the two, is an open source software for producing Internet statistics. Primarily used to analyze web server services, AWStats can work with data from streaming media, email and FTP servers.

It is usually available within your cPanel or Plesk managed hosting plan

Thanks Steve Benthal


Webalizer is a program for producing access statistics for a website. It is free software, licensed under the GPL, created in 1997 by Bradford L.

It is usually available within your cPanel or Plesk managed hosting plan

Then ask your hosting provider or check the presence of these two applications from your cPanel or Plesk management panel.

ALL of our hosting plans are constantly updated to the latest Plesk or cPanel release and include Webstats and Webalizer, with no configuration required. come visit